Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Posting from the Kigali airport

Up way too early this morning but got tons of work done. My reports are almost finalized and should be able to get those done while waiting around in the Brussels airport. Takes 10 hours to get there...arghhh. Going to miss various things here and especially love to hate the toilet at the IREX office. It has a toilet seat with a mind and motion of its own.

Heidi has been ill and is shortly off for a much needed vacation with her husband, Chris. So, hoping she gets well enough to enjoy every minute of her time with him. They have had a very rough time these past 18 months or so. So, good wishes are being sent across the ocean to you both.

Taking a lifetime to upload a photo...so will do that from home. Enjoyed the work and the people here and sosoosooso happy that I got to see Eddie, enjoy her home and meet Diana and Toni. Nice to make friends...and of course, they are now, "my people." We keep kidding because Eddie has "people" to help make her very busy life special. Diana and Toni helped me considerably and that isn't counting driving, shopping and chatting. And of course, in countries that are sometimes a bit inefficient or ineffective, it is nice to come home to vent with compatible "people." Wondering if Richard and Alex will be "my people?"

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