Saturday, March 13, 2010


We finished our three day seminar yesterday and Monday, I begin working on their projects and begin working one on one with them to see how they have accomplished their homework assignments. This is part of my group...John (many, like in Uganda, use their Christian names) from BLINK, a very fun youth magazine is in red. Derek, in grey is a Ugandan working here at Radio Flash. Fidele in white sports coat is from a newspaper and Maria Josue, was the only woman in the group. Charles is from the Rwandan News Agency and the guy closest to the door is Jean Pierre and he works with IREX. So, welcome to the training world in Rwanda. Note the room.....

We had group work and because there was little to no ventilation in the room, no fans and lots of body heat, people would choose to go work outside.

And this is the room I worked in...conditions were pretty rough, but it worked out just fine. I am looking forward to getting out to the actually companies to see what their working conditions are like.
A few interesting things I have learned recently:
I ate andazi, a sweet wheat ball and if I had eaten two of them, they would have been mandazi. This format for making plurals is consistent in Kinyarwanda. There is no word for "shirt" in Kinyarwanda because in the old days, no one wore one. So, the word they made is "ishati". Kinda sounds like shirt.
"Bite" is how we say, "hello" and "murabeho" means goodbye. And it is bite like "bite me" it is bi-te.
Most people do not have running water so they carry big plastic jugs to a station to buy the water every day for their consumption. Bathing is difficult, yet everyone has clean clothing.
Went to "Heaven" last night with Diana to have dinner and see, "The Hurt Locker." Very intense movie but very well done. Now, the question is, how did they get it here so quickly? An American couple own this restaurant, clean, well run, toilet paper and even something to wash your hands with!
Did I mention that all plastic bags have been outlawed here in Rwanda? Against the people get their groceries in paper, you store your bread in the paper they wrap it in at the store etc. Very eco-friendly but unusual for me.
Expected to not sleep last night being in this huge house all by myself, but no issues. It helps knowing there is a guard outside all night...he is sleeping but there is someone on the grounds.
Going to proof Deb's paper

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