Friday, April 30, 2010

Jackson, Mississipi and The Clarion-Ledger

Welcome to The Clarion-Ledger. This is the classiest newspaper lobby I have ever seen and one cannot stand taller and prouder to be in front of The First Amendment which guarantees our freedom of speech. I actually make it a habit to walk around the building and enter this way a couple of times each week...I am connected to a bigger, stronger and better world because of our Constitution, our freedoms and our country.
Meet Iraini, the smiling young lady who is the Sales/Retention Manager at The Clarion-Ledger and Chris Switzer who is the circulation computer whiz...not really sure what his real title is but if it comes out of a computer, mainframe or PC, Chris can pull it, analyze, organize and create the best reports ever. And the best is...he can make all the data speak English!
Across from the entrance to the paper is City Hall. The sun was shining and my little point and click just didn't do this building justice.
Below, just around the corner from City Hall and the Police Station was a car parked "normally" here.

Scroll down to see this.

This car is parked along the curve of a street. Sometimes, one will see even one more car parked behind this one. The street ahead has parking meters at each legit space. NONE here. And yet, these cars park here all day long, making it very difficult to pull around and between the cars parked and still be able to see if anything is oncoming. In this case, this is a one way street, but often this egregious behaviour occurs on two way streets. I have seen the same cars there all day and have checked (yes, I need a life) and there are NO tickets given. I tried to tell someone in the newsroom that this is a story and he said, "Not a story. This is how we do it in Mississippi."
I am home now and had a wonderful night's sleep with my husband and Chica. Tomorrow, Chica and I will resume our Hospice visits and get back into the swing of the Florida lifestyle. Hot here.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Natchez and observations.....

A church in Natchez and as I am posting clue if it is on an earlier day. I HAVE to look at the prior posting...getting old and cannot remember what I have said! Getting senile but I have a plan to fix that...if I remember what it is, I will share that with you all.
Did I mention to you that Mississippi is #1 in many things, including obesity? Today, in a meeting, I sat behind a man who blocked two people sitting on the opposite side of the table and he had to have a size 22 inch neck. There have been many articles in The Clarion-Ledger about this, the ingestion of huge amounts of salt, the number one slot Mississippi education holds for the poorest educational system in our country. The weight issue is one I notice every you know, I am far from slender but I am often feeling quite svelte here.
My friend, Lois, pointed out today that I did not spell cemetery correctly yesterday and because I am on her and others often, she felt it prudent to point out my foibles. Thought I would fess up in this forum because I take people to task often.
I did check on the Plaquemine culture today and was tickled to see that the culture came from the descendants of the Troyville-Coles Creek Indians and my father lived in the parrish named Plaquemine outside of New Orleans. It doesn't mean he was a descendant but anyone who ever saw my father could see the black and Indian in his family's past.
My apartment issues are slowly being addressed. Well, they are quickly being addressed for this environment. My fridge appears to be humming quite nicely; my mattress is back on my bed and the ceiling fan is repaired. And best of all...I have a new shower curtain bar and I am betting I will get through the whole shower tomorrow without the bar falling into the tub. A note was left indicating that I will have a new air conditioning unit installed tomorrow. So, life will be wonderful shortly.
I am still having issues at the A1 planning meetings. The guys talk about MSU and I get all excited but they are talking about Mississippi State University and though I have mentioned they would make at least one reader happy if MSU (The Spartans) hit their sports pages, I am not holding my breath on that one.
Work has been challenging and I am slowly seeing some progress. My mission right now is to try to improve interdepartmental communication and try to improve the quality of sales and marketing materials we produce and use to drive sales. Not huge progress, but seeing some movement. Need chocolate right soon.


Sunday was a glorious day and was especially lovely given the tornado driven day prior. The devastation is again played out in our Clarion-Ledger. Natchez is a city I would go visit another few hours there did not do the city justice. I did walk around and enjoyed the 101 mile drive down the Natchez Trace Highway which allows 50mph and no more. I thought as I drove, that if this scenic road were found in Rwanda, thousands would have been on the road, walking and running. I did see some bikers and runners, but not many.
I toured this large house called Stanton Hall., a Greek Revival Mansion named for its previous owner, Frederick Stanton, a cotton magnate. The Pilgrimage Garden Club owns it and the tour guide told us of the "hoop wars" when two garden clubs divided in the early 1900's and began fighting about civic preservation, garden tours and more. The "pilgrimage" is a term used here for tourists who visit many homes under one ticket each spring. Kinda like the pilgrimage to Mecca, don't you think??
The Bailey House is the large white one below, which was not open and not sure if one can even tour it. Many of the older homes had name plates and dates out front. The house to the left was interesting and somewhat unusual.

This is a scene from the Natchez Trace. Quite often, the trees would touch across the "highway," a very narrow two lane highway which was twisty with no shoulder. Bikers and runner would be found mid-lane as one drove around a bend. I enjoyed these scenic bridges which appeared fairly frequently...bridges to nowhere, best I could tell.

Along the Natchez one finds historic sites and signage. I visited the Locust Plantation and Inn, a place travellers could stay on their way north or south along the Natchez, an early trade route. The slave cemetary was in back of the plantation in a shaded area that was, of course, separate from the rest of the plantation, but in a very quiet, gorgeous area. There was only one headstone obvious but here lie ten former slaves.

This is an example of the room one might have stayed in during the trek north or south in the late 1800s or early 1900s at the Locust Inn.

The dining hall with requisite spinning wheel.

A sign along the Natchez. At one point, at an Indian mound, there was an indication that the Plaquemine culture was adopted by a group of Choctaw. My dad came from Palquemine Parrish outside of New Orleans and I just figured Plaquemine was a, I need to look this up. Was telling Heidi last night, that we know so little about my father's side of the family. He left his family with good reason, but that he didn't share and that we didn't ask him more about his roots is sad. We know he was partly black and Indian...that was obvious to all who saw him, but who were his family and where did they come from, we shall never know.
Lots of history here in this region and I want to know more about the area. I spent only 8 hours on the Trace and in Natchez yesterday and barely scraped the surface. Coming back.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yesterday....10 died in Tornadoes

See below for more about the tornadoes and devastation here. The Clarion-Ledger did a nice job telling the story today and the photos are incredible. This is Eudora Welty's home here in Jackson...went on Tornado Day and it wasn't open. Want to go back.
And drove downtown to see the Capitol, part of which is now a museum. It also was closed and pretty ugly out so headed home. I find it interesting that downtown all around here, even on non-bad weather days is locked
up tightly. Seems someone would figure out that tourism might be a useful economic builder...Natchez was pretty much empty but many of their "pilgrimage" homes were open. More on that later.

The statue of the women holding the man is a war memorial/dedication to the mother's who held and lost their young sons in the war. The Capitol grounds are gorgeous.
Yesterday, I pretty much stayed at the apartment, though I did venture out once to go to the store but from a distance, I could see seriously ugly swirling cloud formations so I zipped back "home" and to safety. The weather was horrid, lots of rain, thunder and many, many tornado touchdowns...most of the damage occured north of here but today, I went south to Natchez and met folks who knew people who had sustained damage to their crops, homes, trees.

I did go down town in the morning to try to go to the Capitol museum...didn't get to do that either. Everything was closed up tightly and I am assuming that was because of the weather because the websites said they were open on Saturdays.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Meet the people I am working with....

Thursday, some of the staff and I went out to a restaurant/bar on the Reservoir to say "good bye" to Sharon, the circulation manager here who is having neck surgery in Texas early next week. Several staff members couldn't join us but meet: Vera on the front left; Lynn on the front right, Jody in the sleeveless white blouse, Chris, the "big guy" and single copy manager right next to Jody, Jody's husband, called "Hook" across from her also in white and Sharon, who you cannot see very well in this photo.

Jody Hook and Hook are married. Jody is the Operations Manager who also is responsible for circulation and production here and in Hattiesburg. Sharon, the circulation manager is seen here in the black sleeveless top and she has already left for Texas. Lynn, our office manager is in the blue top and her husband, Rick is next to her. This is the couple who ran home my first night here to get me towels, washrag and sheets so I could sleep and bathe.

This outdoor bar is super wonderful. We were watching people fish, drive up to the bar/dock to get refreshed and we were able to watch the ducks as well. Had fried green tomatoes, fried mushrooms and chicken wings for snacks. And I had merlot in a small plastic glass...interesting how they served the drinks and in what they were served. Some of us got glass, some plastic and some, styrofoam.

I am having issues...air conditioner doesn't work and Mike, my maintainance guy is johnny on the spot and is working on it. Wouldn't matter so much except we are in the midst of major storms and tornadoes and it is muggier than all get out. Oh, not to mention, my windows are all locked with some special mechanical arm which won't allow people to open the windows...from the inside or outside best I can tell. Also cannot open my balcony sliding glass doors. Only way in our out is to break the glass or exit the door. Pray every night that there is NO fire.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vicksburg and more....

After I visited the battlefield at Vicksburg, I went into town to see what I could see. Most everything, including the gorgeous mansions were closed but there were several interesting buildings around. This old fire station had lots of idea if it is still being used. No one was on the street and nothing much moved except near the casinos...big gambling country.

The old train station was down near the river and this porch and street light which is very hard to see but thin and beige colored in the middle of the rounded part of the brick work was quite interesting.
And the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad Station, which includes the above rounded portico was very interesting. It is now a museum and I would have liked to enter it. Maybe another day.
Today, I went out to dinner with the marketing director and I had a creole shrimp and grits meal with diced red onions and red peppers...very yummy indeed.
I went off to mystery shop one of the kiosk vendors who was supposedly selling subscriptions at a Kroger store about 10 miles from the paper. I found the store...but no vendor. Going to try to see him/his group in action tomorrow. Went to a news budget meeting and that was interesting...for the front page of tomorrow's paper, the editors discussed an article on salt, as in, we are eating too much of it; a story on executions and another on the nursing shortage. I asked how these topics fit with their target audience's interests...they stopped the meeting and we had only really started discussing the best line up of stories.
I find driving here a bit challenging. The highway is well organized but poorly marked. Exits are announced at the exact point you need to if it is a left exit off the highway and you are in the right lane, you either can die, cause an accident or go up to the next exit. I am taking the "cheat death" option and trying to get off at the right exit because I have one way to get anywhere and am afraid I will get totally disoriented. Working so far.
Have to figure out where I will go next weekend. I am thinking I should go to Red Bluff to see the bluff, which is all I guess there is there or begin doing parts of the Natchez Trace. We shall see.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Vicksburg was surrendered on July 4, 1863 after 47 days under siege. The Vicksburg National Military Park was an incredible experience for many reasons. The graves lined up reminded me of Arlington; the Illinois monument you will see below had a wall of those who died, reminding me of not only Dachau but most recently, the genocide wall in Kigali, Rwanda. When will we learn??

This is a restoration of the USS Cairo, named after Cairo, Illinois. The Union needed to get control of the Mississippi and take control from the Confederates. The ironclad USS Cairo was sunk in 12 minutes in the Yazoo River which runs into the Mississippi. No one was lost in the sinking but this was the first recorded "torpedo" made of glass and gunpowder to sink a ship. The USS Cairo had 13 cannons and also had the youngest soldier aboard, a 14 year old kid last named Yost. 1/3 of the soldiers aboard were foreigners and 1/3 came from Illinois, in the Cairo area.

There are 47 steps leading up to the Illinois Monument, one for each day of the seige. And there are three inscriptions at the top from leading Illinois forefathers: Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant and Governor Gates. This black area which you cannot read is the wall of those who gave their lives for their country from Illinois.

And this is the Michigan Monument. Each monument commemorates a state, an infantry group, a battalion and areas of the park commemorated a specific battle...the most moving to me was Union Trench.

A quote from Ulysses S. Grant on the Illinois Monument.

I didn't realize that Vicksburg was amidst the rolling hills. Graves and monuments are found in every crevasse in this park. I left to go check out the town of Vicksburg and found I was thinking of our men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The South....

I liked this sign I passed in Vicksburg. Went to see the battlefield and some Antebellum Mansions but no one told me the whole of Mississippi closes down on Sunday. I do have many photos to share...but first, Carthage and the Barnett Reservoir.

A church in downtown Carthage, MS. I walked all around the quaint town and then stopped at a Dollar General which I saw. I needed a few very inexpensive items for the apartment and thought I could pick them up cheaply there. As I got out of my car, a black man asked if I was lost. I told him I knew right where I was but thanks...and went into the store after hearing that there was another Dollar General on the other side of town. I got inside and realized he was graciously telling me that I might feel more comfortable on the "other side" of town. I was the only white person inside, in the parking lot and in Piggly Wiggly where I next stopped.

This is a gigantic reservoir near my apartment. Absolutely gorgeous and there were tons of sailboats out yesterday and men fishing everywhere...Richard would have enjoyed this spot a lot.
I met Mike, a maintainance man here at the apartments yesterday at the laundry. I don't remember if I mentioned that talking with Mike for the first 30 seconds made me consider what language he was speaking...had to shake myself and remind myself that he was speaking English and that I had to listen carefully. I am enjoying the accents and especially enjoying the incredible friendliness of everyone. I got turned around in Vicksburg and am sure I shouldn't have been where I ended up but I saw a group of angry looking young men standing in the middle of the asked them how I could find 20 East. ALL of them began talking and pointing and one young man person talk slowly to her. So, one guy did and gave me perfect directions which I thanked them all for. They were laughing as I pulled away and probably said something like, "dumb ass."
Today, I met James our other maintainance guy who was banging on my neighbor's door for 10 minutes. I opened my door and he said, "I know they are hidin in thar." He was right...the neighbors finally came to the door. Both maintainance men were mytee friendly and mytee hellpful. You have to read that and say it like it is spelled. I am even finding that I am saying, "yes ma'am and no sir" to people. And Jerry, the friendly Wal-Mart greeter aught to be working down here. His accent is perfect for Mississippi and I found him with Logan and Kenz' help in Davison. A woman told me I had a "mytee purty" pair of shoes on yesterday.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Jackson, MS

It is spring here in Jackson and the weather is are the flowering shrubs and plants which are everywhere. Major pollen also so tons of people are sniffing and dripping but I am enjoying the sunshine and the season.

I am staying in a two bedroom apartment, with one bedroom completely empty. This is my dining room/office which is small but serviceable. This is NOT Eddie's home in Kigali but it also is NOT Diana's cell at KIST either. Spartan but workable. My kitchen which has very little in it. Tonight I made a hamburg but had no flipper and the pan I was given, which is new, had the teflon cook off and I guess affix itself to my burger. Wondering if that is safe to eat??? Notice the coffee pot...along with a pot and pan, came sharp knives and a coffee pot. What more can a woman want?

My living room and note the TV. It just got hooked up to cable today so I can watch some TV this weekend. The Comcast guy is my new best friend...he has been here three times and today was the first time he could enter the apartment. And he kept his sense of humor.

The white car you see below is the car I am using and the upper right apt. balcony is mine. I cannot go out onto the balcony but the place is nice and I went out for a walk in the neighborhood after work today. Loved being out.
This morning I was listening to my usual country radio and heard an advert for Morgan and Morgan, a law firm in Ft. Myers. First, I recognized the voice and then the spot. Very interesting.

I am hoping to get into town this weekend and try to see something...hit a museum or find an event to attend. Oh, and I have to hit the laundry mat here in the complex...been forever since I went to a laundry. Another cultural experience! Guess I have gotten used to hotel staff or the maid doing the wash when I am out of town. Taking a book to read or I will go for a walk while it is churning around but I did clean out my purse to see if I had quarters to use.
Learning more about how we do things in Gannettland now. Another cultural shift but I am meeting wonderful people and I am finding that people have had to become much more resourceful to get their jobs done. More coming this weekend.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jackson, MS

Still no time to get out and see anything but last night, I went to dinner with an old friend, Dave Hollingsworth and we laughed and exchanged stories of old and new experiences. Good to catch up and he took me to a lovely restaurant, Char and I had a seafood creole grits dish...sounds odd but very very tasty.

My work day yesterday was one of exploration...what do we do, how, why and who is supposed to be owning the work. It was a day for simple suggestions for easy improvements. Enjoying meeting new people and learning how "we" do it these days with more limited resources.

Was reminded this morning as I showered that I wanted to mention that the builders who created the bathroom had midgets in mind. The shower head hits me mid-back so washing one's hair is a bit interesting indeed. I have just a shower liner, no real curtain and I have taken to shutting my bathroom door, just in case someone wandered in??? because I can only imagine what it looks like...large woman showering and contorting to get all body parts wet, lathered and rinsed with a low hanging shower head.

Folks went out and bought me a coffee pot, sharp knives and pots and pans. Now, I have to go shopping to buy food that I can cook. Everything here right now is cold and can be eaten by hand. Oh, and I have a TV but no connection to cable and cannot get any stations or sound. But I HAVE a TV. And people make fun of my working in Third World countries. HA...never been received quite this way before. Gotta laugh.

Time to get dressed and head out to work. Will aim for photos in the next couple of days.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Jackson, Mississippi

So, after waking up before 4 a.m. and getting on a plane in Ft. Myers at 6:10 a.m., I flew to Philadelphia where I had to get my Delta boarding passes after running/walking five concourses away only to return to get on my flight...back to Atlanta. After Atlanta, I finally arrived at 3:30 p.m. MS time. I am pooped. The good news is, the woman who picked me up took me by the apartment I will be staying in before going to the Clarion Ledger. The apt. is workable IF one does not want a coffee pot, pots and pans, shower curtain, clock, TV, radio and internet. I am sitting outside cadging someone;s connection right now.

Lynn, the lady who picked me up and her husband, Rick, brought me some sheets and towels so that I can shower...yup, went out and bought a pan to boil some eggs and to make instant coffee in the morning. And got a shower liner and rings...and one cannot buy wine here in this county unless you want Arbor Mist or Mad Dog 20/20. Cannot sell beer and wine at the same location.
So, I thought a diet Coke might work in lieu of a glass of wine which I really really need.

I met Jody, the woman I will be working with but just for a moment. We will meet tomorrow morning. Cannot wait. Oh, no knives either. Had to use my nail clippers to break into the shower curtain package. Having egg salad sandwich and mini carrots for dinner tonight.

Met a real life cowboy who runs the rodeo circuit and he had the coolest boots, belt and matching wallet which stuck way out of his back pants pocket. He lives here when he isn't riding and roping.

Interesting building architecture here...and a museum right by the paper. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

And do not misunderstand...Heidi is still mending and I haven't talked to her today but called. Keep me in the loop folks. I am worrying.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Pouring cats and dogs here in Ft. Myers but warm. Thought for a moment that I had returned to Rwanda as I passed two young men on a bike with garbage bags over their clothing. The boys, one driving the bike, and the second, riding side saddle looked like they were "Out of Africa." Rarely do I wish I had my camera on me while here at home...but would have liked to have taken that shot to send to my friends in Africa.

Had dinner, chicken and eggplant parmigiana, last night at our neighbors' house and caught up on their lives and while there, their son, who is in the Marines in Afghanistan called. We tried to count the number of four letter words beginning in F that he used in one sentence, but couldn't count that high. Bud says the language on the base is pretty terrible. Am sure he will clean it up when he gets to come home again at the end of the year.

And Deb, our neighbor has been taking an English comp class and she showed me her grammar mid-term which had so many errors in the questions that I would have been ashamed to pass such a mess out to students. First word in the first question was "coose" instead of "choose." Yup, maybe a typo but one would think that an English teacher would check for things like that. That wasn't the worst error...just the first. And this community college was just accredited to give four year degrees....hmmmmm????

Am all packed for Mississippi and am getting a bit concerned about working again in the US and then, working as a lower level employee. Been so long since I was in a position below an executive or department head. We shall see if I can adjust and conform.

Talked with Heidi this morning and although she has a cold, she says she is doing a bit better. She actually went to a neighbor's house last night with Chris just to get outside. He drove next door with her but still...she is OUT.


Saturday, April 10, 2010


Left Michigan yesterday in the midst of snow flying on the way to the Detroit airport. Heidi is seen here going upstairs with the help of her sons, Logan, with the long red hair and Chase, the munchkin who is holding her walker. As you can see, Heidi is much much stronger and it was so nice to leave her with a smile on her face. She is getting stronger every day.

Heidi and Chris have Guitar Hero and all the kids played the last couple of days. Even Heidi tried to play but the co-ordination was a bit difficult.
Alex and I are home and I am hurrying to get ready to leave for work in Mississippi. Went shopping, did the laundry and did some housework...seemed kinda like being at Heidi's house!! Our neighbors made a wonderful dinner of chicken, eggplant parmigiana and it was delicious. Alex and I will reciprocate tomorrow with a lamb Rogan Josh.

Here are the young men playing guitar hero. I didn't try it...I have no talent but I did excel at shopping at Meijer every day. We arrived home to 80+ weather...from snow to heat and sun. Slept fitfully last night worrying about Heidi but she sounded pretty good this morning despite being congested. Good to be home with my doggies and with Richard. I need to get repacked and ready for the next adventure. Hoping the kids will call if needed. We are sooo blessed with wonderful friends and family.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

More of Heidi's Journey....

Uncle Alex and Chase at home. Alex has had quality time with his nephews and his niece this past week. Sad that it had to happen because of Heidi's illness but we have made this past week a time for enjoying family. We have laughed and cried together and we are very thankful for all of Heidi's friends...several stopped by today and my friend, Lois came over and we went out to dinner. Nice to get out of the house, though, I found that I was worrying about whether Heidi was resting and if all the kids were wearing her out. Of course, Chris was on the job and they had pizza brought in. As I am writing this, the kids are playing guitar hero together. This has been a reaffirming time for all.

This came home from nursery school today with Chase. The kids made a get well card for Heidi. There were a ton of handprints and Heidi is holding a flower the kids made for her. Very fun and the picture is hanging over the mantle in the livingroom.

Chase got out his Halloween costume and played...he was Ratatouille for Halloween and he enjoyed playing all around the blow up bed.
A friend of Heidi's sent her some flowers and of course, being a MSU fan, Heidi got a MSU gnome included in her flowers. For those following Heidi this last week, I am sure you can see the difference in her expressions. While she is still a bit shaky and still using her walker, each day is a bit better. Therapy will make her stronger and she is eating like a horse...seems the shaking uses up a ton of calories. This morning we were up around 5:30 a.m. and we had an early breakfast. Heidi was hungry a bit we made lunch at 10:30 a.m. and of course, we actually had lunch around 2. I am going to go home 15 pounds heavier!
I am getting a bit excited about going to Jackson, Mississippi on Monday. NO time at home and what little time I do have will be taken up in what my friend, Jackie, calls "plant maintainance." I need to get my hair done, my pedicure and eyebrows waxed and then, I must spend some time visiting my Hospice patients with Chica before I leave. The IT guy called from Jackson regarding my computer...seems I will have wifi at work but no direct connect to the system...wondering how I will get my data to work. We shall see what we shall see. First work in the US since 2006....going to be a cultural event for me.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Heidi...and more

Pat, Kristin's husband with their baby, Layne at Heidi's house last night. We grilled burgers, laughed and enjoyed family. Heidi and Chris have had a steady stream of visitors through the house....they are truly blessed with great neighbors and friends who are all checking in on them.
Logan and Kenz went to their dad's last night...having them around has been truly uplifting for their mom. She just wakes up, focuses on the kids or her husband and smiles. Heidi can then relax and know all is right in her world.
Another grade A, grey day in Michigan. Should have more thunder and rain storms today. Cold...a high of about 50 today. Arghhghh

Alex sitting on the blow up bed with Owen, Kristin and Pat's second born.

Kristin is picking Heidi's hair to get all the super glue out from her EEG leads put in in the hospital. Kristin deleted all of the really good pickin photos because she didn't want you all to see her acting like the baboons I saw in Rwanda! She was pickin and eatin the little pieces...yes she was!! Actually, she had a whole pant leg full of these little white glue hunks. Heidi got down on the floor and was able to get back up with some help. She is doing much much better and the neighbors brought over this huge queen sized blow up bed that is quite high. So Heidi can sit down and lie down during the day without having to go upstairs.

Kristin and Pat and their three kids came over for dinner last night. We had a nice visit and Heidi was quite pooped when everyone left. That they found time to drive over on a work night with three kids is truly special. Good to see the rest of my grandkids and Alex had a good time playing with them all.

Kristin had fun reminding Heidi of the nurse who asked Heidi who Chris was....Heidi, quite out of it at that point said, "him." She said, "Girl, if you don't know his name, you better learn it! He is tall, dark and handsome. " Heidi laughed and remembered his name is Chris.
Heidi and Guinness, her dog next to the blow up bed in the living room.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Heidi and the family....

Alex, Kenz and Logan as we prepared to leave the hospital. The kids have been very supportive of Heidi and very close during all of this upheaval and upset. We have enjoyed laughing at the kids and with them.

At one point last night, Chris in the red shirt was on a bed, Alex was sleeping flat out on the floor and Heidi was lying abed. We are home now and Heidi is doing quite well...still unstable and unsteady but she is feeling much stronger and better. Here is Alex lying on the floor with a sheet over his head in the hospital room next to Heidi's bed.

And no, Heidi is not a Muslim woman! She found that after they took off all of the EEG leads that she had super glue hunks in her hair. So, Chris rubbed conditioner in her hair and she wrapped her head in a wet, warm towel. It is now more than 24 hours later and she is still picking glue hunks out of her hair.

We arrived home in Davison around 5 p.m. today and Heidi has been up and trying to walk to the bathroom with her walker. Right now, Chris is setting up a blow up bed in the living room so Heidi can sleep downstairs. She is not able to handle stairs yet. While she is upbeat and happy to be home with her whole family, she is on meds to help with the seizures and she will have to take it easy for awhile. We had a wonderful dinner of chicken and dumplings prepared by Zee, Chris' mom. Kenz and I went to the grocery store to stock up on items we need and again, we filled the car with gas. Seems I have been spending lots of time at gas stations filling one vehicle or another.