Friday, April 16, 2010

Jackson, MS

It is spring here in Jackson and the weather is are the flowering shrubs and plants which are everywhere. Major pollen also so tons of people are sniffing and dripping but I am enjoying the sunshine and the season.

I am staying in a two bedroom apartment, with one bedroom completely empty. This is my dining room/office which is small but serviceable. This is NOT Eddie's home in Kigali but it also is NOT Diana's cell at KIST either. Spartan but workable. My kitchen which has very little in it. Tonight I made a hamburg but had no flipper and the pan I was given, which is new, had the teflon cook off and I guess affix itself to my burger. Wondering if that is safe to eat??? Notice the coffee pot...along with a pot and pan, came sharp knives and a coffee pot. What more can a woman want?

My living room and note the TV. It just got hooked up to cable today so I can watch some TV this weekend. The Comcast guy is my new best friend...he has been here three times and today was the first time he could enter the apartment. And he kept his sense of humor.

The white car you see below is the car I am using and the upper right apt. balcony is mine. I cannot go out onto the balcony but the place is nice and I went out for a walk in the neighborhood after work today. Loved being out.
This morning I was listening to my usual country radio and heard an advert for Morgan and Morgan, a law firm in Ft. Myers. First, I recognized the voice and then the spot. Very interesting.

I am hoping to get into town this weekend and try to see something...hit a museum or find an event to attend. Oh, and I have to hit the laundry mat here in the complex...been forever since I went to a laundry. Another cultural experience! Guess I have gotten used to hotel staff or the maid doing the wash when I am out of town. Taking a book to read or I will go for a walk while it is churning around but I did clean out my purse to see if I had quarters to use.
Learning more about how we do things in Gannettland now. Another cultural shift but I am meeting wonderful people and I am finding that people have had to become much more resourceful to get their jobs done. More coming this weekend.

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