Saturday, April 3, 2010

Back Home

Here is a banana tree found at the Genocide Museum in home several days ago, spent 12 hours in the house and Alex and I boarded a plane to come to Michigan. Heidi, our 38 year old daughter is in the hospital...she was moved from the hospital here in Flint to Henry Ford in Detroit last night. She is having horrid seizures, headaches and is totally drugged to keep her functioning at the most basic of levels. We are very very worried. Kristin, Alex, Logan, Kenz and I are trying very hard to be support for her and for Chris. And so, prayers are needed/wanted and I will try to update everyone as best I can.
Heidi's neighbors took up a collection and gave me their card and funds to take to Chris so he won't have to worry about gas and food. Taking a care package to him today.

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