Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vicksburg and more....

After I visited the battlefield at Vicksburg, I went into town to see what I could see. Most everything, including the gorgeous mansions were closed but there were several interesting buildings around. This old fire station had lots of class...no idea if it is still being used. No one was on the street and nothing much moved except near the casinos...big gambling country.

The old train station was down near the river and this porch and street light which is very hard to see but thin and beige colored in the middle of the rounded part of the brick work was quite interesting.
And the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad Station, which includes the above rounded portico was very interesting. It is now a museum and I would have liked to enter it. Maybe another day.
Today, I went out to dinner with the marketing director and I had a creole shrimp and grits meal with diced red onions and red peppers...very yummy indeed.
I went off to mystery shop one of the kiosk vendors who was supposedly selling subscriptions at a Kroger store about 10 miles from the paper. I found the store...but no vendor. Going to try to see him/his group in action tomorrow. Went to a news budget meeting and that was interesting...for the front page of tomorrow's paper, the editors discussed an article on salt, as in, we are eating too much of it; a story on executions and another on the nursing shortage. I asked how these topics fit with their target audience's interests...they stopped the meeting and we had only really started discussing the best line up of stories.
I find driving here a bit challenging. The highway is well organized but poorly marked. Exits are announced at the exact point you need to exit...so if it is a left exit off the highway and you are in the right lane, you either can die, cause an accident or go up to the next exit. I am taking the "cheat death" option and trying to get off at the right exit because I have one way to get anywhere and am afraid I will get totally disoriented. Working so far.
Have to figure out where I will go next weekend. I am thinking I should go to Red Bluff to see the bluff, which is all I guess there is there or begin doing parts of the Natchez Trace. We shall see.

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