Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Heidi...and more

Pat, Kristin's husband with their baby, Layne at Heidi's house last night. We grilled burgers, laughed and enjoyed family. Heidi and Chris have had a steady stream of visitors through the house....they are truly blessed with great neighbors and friends who are all checking in on them.
Logan and Kenz went to their dad's last night...having them around has been truly uplifting for their mom. She just wakes up, focuses on the kids or her husband and smiles. Heidi can then relax and know all is right in her world.
Another grade A, grey day in Michigan. Should have more thunder and rain storms today. Cold...a high of about 50 today. Arghhghh

Alex sitting on the blow up bed with Owen, Kristin and Pat's second born.

Kristin is picking Heidi's hair to get all the super glue out from her EEG leads put in in the hospital. Kristin deleted all of the really good pickin photos because she didn't want you all to see her acting like the baboons I saw in Rwanda! She was pickin and eatin the little pieces...yes she was!! Actually, she had a whole pant leg full of these little white glue hunks. Heidi got down on the floor and was able to get back up with some help. She is doing much much better and the neighbors brought over this huge queen sized blow up bed that is quite high. So Heidi can sit down and lie down during the day without having to go upstairs.

Kristin and Pat and their three kids came over for dinner last night. We had a nice visit and Heidi was quite pooped when everyone left. That they found time to drive over on a work night with three kids is truly special. Good to see the rest of my grandkids and Alex had a good time playing with them all.

Kristin had fun reminding Heidi of the nurse who asked Heidi who Chris was....Heidi, quite out of it at that point said, "him." She said, "Girl, if you don't know his name, you better learn it! He is tall, dark and handsome. " Heidi laughed and remembered his name is Chris.
Heidi and Guinness, her dog next to the blow up bed in the living room.

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