Sunday, April 11, 2010


Pouring cats and dogs here in Ft. Myers but warm. Thought for a moment that I had returned to Rwanda as I passed two young men on a bike with garbage bags over their clothing. The boys, one driving the bike, and the second, riding side saddle looked like they were "Out of Africa." Rarely do I wish I had my camera on me while here at home...but would have liked to have taken that shot to send to my friends in Africa.

Had dinner, chicken and eggplant parmigiana, last night at our neighbors' house and caught up on their lives and while there, their son, who is in the Marines in Afghanistan called. We tried to count the number of four letter words beginning in F that he used in one sentence, but couldn't count that high. Bud says the language on the base is pretty terrible. Am sure he will clean it up when he gets to come home again at the end of the year.

And Deb, our neighbor has been taking an English comp class and she showed me her grammar mid-term which had so many errors in the questions that I would have been ashamed to pass such a mess out to students. First word in the first question was "coose" instead of "choose." Yup, maybe a typo but one would think that an English teacher would check for things like that. That wasn't the worst error...just the first. And this community college was just accredited to give four year degrees....hmmmmm????

Am all packed for Mississippi and am getting a bit concerned about working again in the US and then, working as a lower level employee. Been so long since I was in a position below an executive or department head. We shall see if I can adjust and conform.

Talked with Heidi this morning and although she has a cold, she says she is doing a bit better. She actually went to a neighbor's house last night with Chris just to get outside. He drove next door with her but still...she is OUT.


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