Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yesterday....10 died in Tornadoes

See below for more about the tornadoes and devastation here. The Clarion-Ledger did a nice job telling the story today and the photos are incredible. This is Eudora Welty's home here in Jackson...went on Tornado Day and it wasn't open. Want to go back.
And drove downtown to see the Capitol, part of which is now a museum. It also was closed and pretty ugly out so headed home. I find it interesting that downtown all around here, even on non-bad weather days is locked
up tightly. Seems someone would figure out that tourism might be a useful economic builder...Natchez was pretty much empty but many of their "pilgrimage" homes were open. More on that later.

The statue of the women holding the man is a war memorial/dedication to the mother's who held and lost their young sons in the war. The Capitol grounds are gorgeous.
Yesterday, I pretty much stayed at the apartment, though I did venture out once to go to the store but from a distance, I could see seriously ugly swirling cloud formations so I zipped back "home" and to safety. The weather was horrid, lots of rain, thunder and many, many tornado touchdowns...most of the damage occured north of here but today, I went south to Natchez and met folks who knew people who had sustained damage to their crops, homes, trees.

I did go down town in the morning to try to go to the Capitol museum...didn't get to do that either. Everything was closed up tightly and I am assuming that was because of the weather because the websites said they were open on Saturdays.

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