Saturday, April 3, 2010

Heidi...suffering and laughing

I would like to introduce you to my family...way left is Logan, Heidi's oldest and in the plaid shirt is my son, Alex. Chris, Heidi's husband is leaning over Heidi trying to get her to focus in on what is going on while she is experiencing her most recent seizure. Both Kristin and I, today, cried and we decided that Heidi is blessed to have a husband and mate who can handle the stress of this situation, calmly and in a supportive, loving fashion. He is upset, cranky, tired, frustrated and more...but constantly and consistently loving, calm and in control. He helps her through this difficult time and we are so blessed that he is her husband and the role model for us all. This is an incredibly emotional time and we do nothing for hours on end except listen, love, cry and pray.

The kids went out for a break and stole flowers, which upset Kristin, Here is McKenzie, also known as Kenz, Heidi's second born with Alex and Logan. Heidi has two flowers in her hair, complements of the children. She said I could take her photo but I couldn't put it on Facebook or My space...she didn't say anything about my blog!! And below, note Heidi's fashionable gown with a huge S drawn on her chest in honor of MSU, my alma mater. Heidi's TV didn't work this morning and she was quite concerned that we get it arranged so she could view the MSU/Butler NCAA semis. MSU lost...we are all bumbed.
You all don't know my daughter. Heidi, unlike Kristin and me, is always beautifully arranged and looks lovely. To her right you can see the huge array of wiring which she fondly called her dreds and extensions. Her hair is a mess which just never happens in real life. Heidi is doing OK...we are worried about her and the love being sent, the warm wishes and the prayers are being felt all day every day. Thank you all. While she looks less than gorgeous here, Heidi is a wonderfully strong wife, mother, employee and daughter. Her sister, Kristin and I, along with brother, son, daughter, mother in law, and husband are by her side watching and waiting for some clue as to what is causing her this horrid distress.
We are loving Henry Ford Hospital and its staff. The difference is amazing...nurses kid her, laugh with her, push her, encourage her to eat and more. Kristin reminded me that not one person mentioned she wasn't eating...five days and NO food at McLaren and today, she ate a bit of soup, some chicken nuggets, a granola bar and more. Not a lot for a 6 ft. woman but she ate. And someone noticed. Long commute to Detroit but we think, well worth the effort. Tomorrow is Easter and HE has risen.

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