Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jackson, MS

Still no time to get out and see anything but last night, I went to dinner with an old friend, Dave Hollingsworth and we laughed and exchanged stories of old and new experiences. Good to catch up and he took me to a lovely restaurant, Char and I had a seafood creole grits dish...sounds odd but very very tasty.

My work day yesterday was one of exploration...what do we do, how, why and who is supposed to be owning the work. It was a day for simple suggestions for easy improvements. Enjoying meeting new people and learning how "we" do it these days with more limited resources.

Was reminded this morning as I showered that I wanted to mention that the builders who created the bathroom had midgets in mind. The shower head hits me mid-back so washing one's hair is a bit interesting indeed. I have just a shower liner, no real curtain and I have taken to shutting my bathroom door, just in case someone wandered in??? because I can only imagine what it looks like...large woman showering and contorting to get all body parts wet, lathered and rinsed with a low hanging shower head.

Folks went out and bought me a coffee pot, sharp knives and pots and pans. Now, I have to go shopping to buy food that I can cook. Everything here right now is cold and can be eaten by hand. Oh, and I have a TV but no connection to cable and cannot get any stations or sound. But I HAVE a TV. And people make fun of my working in Third World countries. HA...never been received quite this way before. Gotta laugh.

Time to get dressed and head out to work. Will aim for photos in the next couple of days.

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