Monday, April 12, 2010

Jackson, Mississippi

So, after waking up before 4 a.m. and getting on a plane in Ft. Myers at 6:10 a.m., I flew to Philadelphia where I had to get my Delta boarding passes after running/walking five concourses away only to return to get on my flight...back to Atlanta. After Atlanta, I finally arrived at 3:30 p.m. MS time. I am pooped. The good news is, the woman who picked me up took me by the apartment I will be staying in before going to the Clarion Ledger. The apt. is workable IF one does not want a coffee pot, pots and pans, shower curtain, clock, TV, radio and internet. I am sitting outside cadging someone;s connection right now.

Lynn, the lady who picked me up and her husband, Rick, brought me some sheets and towels so that I can shower...yup, went out and bought a pan to boil some eggs and to make instant coffee in the morning. And got a shower liner and rings...and one cannot buy wine here in this county unless you want Arbor Mist or Mad Dog 20/20. Cannot sell beer and wine at the same location.
So, I thought a diet Coke might work in lieu of a glass of wine which I really really need.

I met Jody, the woman I will be working with but just for a moment. We will meet tomorrow morning. Cannot wait. Oh, no knives either. Had to use my nail clippers to break into the shower curtain package. Having egg salad sandwich and mini carrots for dinner tonight.

Met a real life cowboy who runs the rodeo circuit and he had the coolest boots, belt and matching wallet which stuck way out of his back pants pocket. He lives here when he isn't riding and roping.

Interesting building architecture here...and a museum right by the paper. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

And do not misunderstand...Heidi is still mending and I haven't talked to her today but called. Keep me in the loop folks. I am worrying.

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