Saturday, April 24, 2010

Meet the people I am working with....

Thursday, some of the staff and I went out to a restaurant/bar on the Reservoir to say "good bye" to Sharon, the circulation manager here who is having neck surgery in Texas early next week. Several staff members couldn't join us but meet: Vera on the front left; Lynn on the front right, Jody in the sleeveless white blouse, Chris, the "big guy" and single copy manager right next to Jody, Jody's husband, called "Hook" across from her also in white and Sharon, who you cannot see very well in this photo.

Jody Hook and Hook are married. Jody is the Operations Manager who also is responsible for circulation and production here and in Hattiesburg. Sharon, the circulation manager is seen here in the black sleeveless top and she has already left for Texas. Lynn, our office manager is in the blue top and her husband, Rick is next to her. This is the couple who ran home my first night here to get me towels, washrag and sheets so I could sleep and bathe.

This outdoor bar is super wonderful. We were watching people fish, drive up to the bar/dock to get refreshed and we were able to watch the ducks as well. Had fried green tomatoes, fried mushrooms and chicken wings for snacks. And I had merlot in a small plastic glass...interesting how they served the drinks and in what they were served. Some of us got glass, some plastic and some, styrofoam.

I am having issues...air conditioner doesn't work and Mike, my maintainance guy is johnny on the spot and is working on it. Wouldn't matter so much except we are in the midst of major storms and tornadoes and it is muggier than all get out. Oh, not to mention, my windows are all locked with some special mechanical arm which won't allow people to open the windows...from the inside or outside best I can tell. Also cannot open my balcony sliding glass doors. Only way in our out is to break the glass or exit the door. Pray every night that there is NO fire.

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