Saturday, April 10, 2010


Left Michigan yesterday in the midst of snow flying on the way to the Detroit airport. Heidi is seen here going upstairs with the help of her sons, Logan, with the long red hair and Chase, the munchkin who is holding her walker. As you can see, Heidi is much much stronger and it was so nice to leave her with a smile on her face. She is getting stronger every day.

Heidi and Chris have Guitar Hero and all the kids played the last couple of days. Even Heidi tried to play but the co-ordination was a bit difficult.
Alex and I are home and I am hurrying to get ready to leave for work in Mississippi. Went shopping, did the laundry and did some housework...seemed kinda like being at Heidi's house!! Our neighbors made a wonderful dinner of chicken, eggplant parmigiana and it was delicious. Alex and I will reciprocate tomorrow with a lamb Rogan Josh.

Here are the young men playing guitar hero. I didn't try it...I have no talent but I did excel at shopping at Meijer every day. We arrived home to 80+ weather...from snow to heat and sun. Slept fitfully last night worrying about Heidi but she sounded pretty good this morning despite being congested. Good to be home with my doggies and with Richard. I need to get repacked and ready for the next adventure. Hoping the kids will call if needed. We are sooo blessed with wonderful friends and family.

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