Monday, April 26, 2010

Natchez and observations.....

A church in Natchez and as I am posting clue if it is on an earlier day. I HAVE to look at the prior posting...getting old and cannot remember what I have said! Getting senile but I have a plan to fix that...if I remember what it is, I will share that with you all.
Did I mention to you that Mississippi is #1 in many things, including obesity? Today, in a meeting, I sat behind a man who blocked two people sitting on the opposite side of the table and he had to have a size 22 inch neck. There have been many articles in The Clarion-Ledger about this, the ingestion of huge amounts of salt, the number one slot Mississippi education holds for the poorest educational system in our country. The weight issue is one I notice every you know, I am far from slender but I am often feeling quite svelte here.
My friend, Lois, pointed out today that I did not spell cemetery correctly yesterday and because I am on her and others often, she felt it prudent to point out my foibles. Thought I would fess up in this forum because I take people to task often.
I did check on the Plaquemine culture today and was tickled to see that the culture came from the descendants of the Troyville-Coles Creek Indians and my father lived in the parrish named Plaquemine outside of New Orleans. It doesn't mean he was a descendant but anyone who ever saw my father could see the black and Indian in his family's past.
My apartment issues are slowly being addressed. Well, they are quickly being addressed for this environment. My fridge appears to be humming quite nicely; my mattress is back on my bed and the ceiling fan is repaired. And best of all...I have a new shower curtain bar and I am betting I will get through the whole shower tomorrow without the bar falling into the tub. A note was left indicating that I will have a new air conditioning unit installed tomorrow. So, life will be wonderful shortly.
I am still having issues at the A1 planning meetings. The guys talk about MSU and I get all excited but they are talking about Mississippi State University and though I have mentioned they would make at least one reader happy if MSU (The Spartans) hit their sports pages, I am not holding my breath on that one.
Work has been challenging and I am slowly seeing some progress. My mission right now is to try to improve interdepartmental communication and try to improve the quality of sales and marketing materials we produce and use to drive sales. Not huge progress, but seeing some movement. Need chocolate right soon.

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