Sunday, March 28, 2010

The weekend.....

Meet Bosco, our handyman, helper at IREX who was trying to feed the momma rabbit the carrot I brought in for her.
Our weekend ended up being totally lazy and somewhat decadent. We sat around and watched "Rescue Ink" for several hours...a show I had never seen before of these tough NYC toughs who are out saving and rescuing abused animals. Something interesting about these seriously tattooed hulks hugging tiny animals.
We went to see Shutter Island and about 1/2 hour into it, I leaned over and told Diana that we need to see a comedy or a love story...two weeks and we see this very very weird psycho movie and The Hurt Locker...both intense. During the movie, all hell broke loose and the sky opened and a deluge began. Heaven, the open air movie theatre/restaurant meant we had to huddle forward in our chairs. Diana was wrapped in a blankie that the staff passed out...lots of fun.
And to top off the evening, I was able to buy from the owner, a Primus beer glass, to take home for the beer glasses around the world collection. It had been suggested that I just steal one because I couldn't find one to buy, but was able to purchase this from Heaven for only $2. Now, to get it home.
It is Sunday morning and we were to be going off to Lake Kivu this morning. Almost 10 and no movement happening. Went for an early morning walk and no one was out...forgot that most folks are at church on Saturdays not Sundays. Diana turned TV on and Saturday cartoons are on today....kinda turned around here.

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