Thursday, March 18, 2010

More odds and ends.....

Today began the one on one work with the radio and newspaper groups I am to be targeting for the development of super wonderful strategic plans. Now, we were to work with 3-4 and have now decided that I should work with 7. Not so sure how I can accomplish that and get everything done by the 30th of March. We shall see. Went to Radio Flash today...bright group of folks and an interesting afternoon.
These guys are not so good, sorry. They come out at dusk and saw them at the office yesterday. They look for whatever in the grass and then, begin flying, en masse.

Here they are atop a nearby tree. Again, hard to get the perspective. I asked every one of the office staff and they didn't know what type of bird these are but I am betting some type of vulture.
I was asked by my driver what I learned today and I told Dieudonne that I learned to swear in Kinyarwanda. He asked what I learned and I said, "askyiii" and he about doubled over. First, women don't swear here and this means shit...or I am pissed and the more iiiii's one puts into the word, the more pissed one is. Anyway, I told him that I wouldn't swear here but wouldn't it be fun to just pull this word out in say, Colombia? I would feel better and no one would even know what I was saying!! He was dying laughing.
And then, Rwandans have to work one Saturday, a planned and posted Saturday, for four hours cleaning up their country. The Saturday after next is the community service day, also called Umuganda, so not real sure what I will do that morning. I suggested I might also go work and the folks in the office laughed. Speaking of which, when I asked to learn some swear words, John Pierre was very embarrassed and wouldn't tell me any. Anastas gave me my swear word but turned purple!!
Had an issue this morning....after the storms, I noticed that something was running constantly. Got showered and dressed...still running so went outside to see what was what. The water heater was spewing water out of the top, and keep in mind, water is priceless here. So, called the Embassy folks to have them come see what was up and first question asked...where do you live? What sector of town? Don't know, said I. So, I narrowed it down in terms of other agencies nearby and the guy on the phone figured out where I am. There is no house number, nor is there a street Tegucigalpa. So, the water heater got fixed and all is right in my life for now.

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