Thursday, March 25, 2010

Odds and Ends.....Corruption!!

This little guy made me jump! We got to where the vervet monkeys were settled and hopped out of the car and yours truly forgot just how smart monkeys are. Within a minute, this guy was going for MY open door. We had food in the car and he was on his way in when I ran towards him and scared him off. Eddie would have had heart failure to learn that this guy got inside and "marked" his territory with urine.
Kristin can tell you about Costa Rican monkeys peeing down from above to let folks know...this is MY place.

This is absolutely my favorite photo I have taken looking over Lake Ihema and into Tanzania. I want to go there!!
Look very closely...these are huge thorns sticking up and very, very sharp. The giraffes eat around these and eat the green leaves, leaving the thorns in place.

The house below is not exceptionally poor or awful. Just a normal sighting around here.
Clothing are on lines to dry or on bushes...whatever is close and works. And the animals are housed in this case, right next to the regular home. Shelter is difficult. Cleanliness is impossible. Bathing irregular but clothing is well tended and always spotless. I cannot figure out how they get the red dirt/clay out of their white clothing....but they do.
Today, I was accused of being corrupt by two of the news media who were not selected to continue on in the grant process with IREX. I have never been accused of this and most likely will not sleep tonight. The natives say this is just an excuse and not to be concerned and Louise defended the process and my honor but I am terribly concerned that someone thinks I am in the US Government's pocket. Makes me crazy!

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