Friday, March 26, 2010

Tidbits.....of nothing tied together!

Jesus Christ! Not a blasphemy, what is written across the top of a house roof as one approaches the bottom of the valley on the way to one of the main drags here. My driver yesterday took me a different way to the office than Dieudonne, the usual guy, goes. As we took a step decline I glanced up and saw "Jesus Christ!" atop this red roof. It looks like this was created with white shingles against red...or is painted in white. So, I am assuming this is the home of a Christian but with the ! after it, I began saying it with emphasis. Hmmmm.....

Yesterday there was a march for women's rights...the right for girls to attend school during their periods. I was advised to NOT go and didn't. Aren't YOU surprised? Andrea called to let me know that there is a woman here who is/has set up a women's co-operative where they will make pads for girls to use during their periods and these will be made out of recycled paper and recycled fabric from all of the small shops where clothing is made. Toni, Diana's partner, indicated she saw these items on sale at the store but they were very expensive. I think we are all going to Nakumatt, Rwanda's idea of Wal-Mart, and going to check out the prices. Apparently, girls have to stay home from school during this time of the month, missing out on education and often, a future. People are still using cloth to staunch the monthly flow...and consider how yucky that would be to hand wash all of that every month!

My driver yesterday called the office to let them know I wasn't ready. JP called me and told me the driver was waiting and I suggested that he was not at my house because I was waiting outside the gate and no one was around. He thought he might call the driver to see where he was the meantime, I walked out into the road to scope things out. I could see a car down the road in front of another gate, so waved. My guy...wrong house.

And then, I got into the car which had its windshield super glued together and the car door was falling apart but the hole in the floor where my feet should sit had ME a bit unglued. We got to work and back home again but am hoping I will be back with Dieudonne and in the IREX vehicle on Monday.

The night guard left this morning at 6 a.m. and I had to wonder how he shuts the door after he leaves. There is a button to open the door in the shack but once outside, how does he manage? Maybe he has a clicker or something but there are different guys out there every night. Gotta figure this one out. I know you cannot shove it shut. There is a door within the door that I exit, using my keys which Eddie had made before she left. Oh, and there is an outside door in every room of this house with its own key. So, we go around opening up the house in the morning so we get fresh morning air...well, I do. Diana is sleeping!!

Pictures coming...I may have mentioned there are rabbits at the IREX office and I took some carrots in for them the other day. Bosco, the gardner and handy man there is in charge of these guys. The gate was open as I left yesterday and I worried that mommy rabbit would leave. Bosco assured me that she knows where her food is and wouldn't venture out. Hope so.

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