Wednesday, March 24, 2010 friend

I haven't done justice to my newly budding friendship with Diana, who is on faculty at VSU and a Fulbright Scholar teaching here in Kigali. I want to properly introduce her to you all. She is quite humorous and has a quirky sense of self. Take a look at how she has mounted her African art in what she fondly calls her "cell" at KIST where she teaches math. Her cell is actually two full rooms:one bathroom and her bedroom which also serves as desk area and kitchen. Fortunately, she is also friends with my friend Eddie who has generously shared her home with us both.
Diana actually would get along super well with Richard...both prefer duct tape to other methods of fixing, attaching, and framing items. By the way, this is a painting done on fabric. When I suggested a frame, she mentioned the walls are cement. They do have cement nails or maybe a frame hanging on a nail might work??
Tonight we went out to dinner at Heaven, where we saw The Hurt Locker a week or so ago. We went out because today is Beatrice, the maid's day off and we had nothing prepared....pobrecitas! Tonight was not a movie night so we just ordered dinner. We sat in the open air restaurant and the fun for the evening was that it was a bit chilly for Rwanda. So, the waiter brought over a pile of blankets and asked if we wanted one? He thought we might be chilly. Never been asked if I would like a blanket while eating dinner. We had fun with that one.
Lunch today was a soup that Beatrice made and which I took into the office for my meal. Diana had the same thing and both of us found that about five minutes after eating the soup...we were looking for more food. We left the house at 5 in search of dinner...felt like old folks.

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