Saturday, March 27, 2010

Quiet Saturday

This is the momma rabbit at IREX being fed a carrot I brought to work by Bosco...that is his arm! She and her family live in a cage behind the office. Very fun.

I may have mentioned that there is a national campaign against HIV/AIDS here and a push for family planning. The Rwandan personalities are all over billboards here holding up condoms and telling people to buy and use them. Very cool. Very progressive. Because it is community service day, Diana was able to park the car so we could take a photo of the poster. The roads are horridly packed so having no one on them today was a tad eerie.
Flowers in front of Eddie's clue what they are but very pretty.

Diana, Toni and I went out to go get some money from the one ATM that works in town and get some groceries for the house. We had forgotten that today is community service day, mandated by law, to clean up the country, which is very, very clean. There were NO cars or motorcycles on the road and NO stores open. We couldn't get in to the ATM so ended up coming home.
We may go off to Lake Kivu tomorrow just to look around. We puttered around and I actually started to slowly pack my suitcase. Coming home soon. Can't wait to see my family and my friends. Making new friends here and have loved being in Eddie's home but also wishing she were here. Diana and Toni are good fun and they decided after staying in Diana's "cell" at KIST that they would enjoy the huge house here....and I am happy to have the company.

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