Monday, March 29, 2010

Jesus Christ and Genocide....

It is Easter week and it seems appropriate to reflect on the life of our Lord, Jesus Christ, his death and the deaths of those who have died in horrific situations like genocide. Here is a picture of Jesus Christ, written across a roof top here in Kigali...lest we forget Him. This makes me smile...can you imagine code enforcement allowing the roof tops to be printed in a city with Jesus Christ? If it is done, I haven't seen it in the US.

The Genocide Museum is snuggled on the side of a hill, surrounded by greenery of all types. A beautiful reminder of how quickly the sublime can become dust.

There are 100 days of mourning for those who died here in 1994. The eternal flame is lit to commemorate this and will be lit here shortlyas we enter April. Elephants stand at the ready in each direction to warn and remind people of the atrocities and that we must be vigilant so that planned destruction of peoples will not happen again.
As I travel, I am asked how unique a country and the people are. And it is photos like this that remind me that we really are so very similar. These ladies are working in the gardens at the museum...check out their handmade brooms. Just like in Tajikistan, Honduras, Colombia and Kenya. Different colors, different sizes, different clothing and climates...we are the same. Jesus, I think has that covered, as well.
Now, just like in Honduras, grass is cut with machetes...except at Eddie's house where the gardener has a lawn mower!
And let me tell you what happens here when you have scared the guard at 3:45 a.m. I woke up at 3:30 a.m....worrying about work and Heidi, who is ill and excited to go home. At 3:45, I turned on the lights and in about 1 minute, the guard was peering in the window at me, waving as if to say, "are you OK in there?" I smiled and waved and he crossed his heart and walked calmly back to his station. I felt protected and watched over...oh, Jesus has that one covered also!! While you all sleep, I am off to work. See you all soon. Much love.

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