Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sweet Deal

As I was leaving the hotel this morning, my computer case, which is a backpack, broke. One of the shoulder straps disconnected completely from the case. The other held but when I looked at it, it was also fraying and ready to go. NO sweat. I can just carry it by hand with my suitcase and briefcase...a bit cumbersome, but that's life.

I got to work and Gloria noticed my computer wasn't on my back as usual. She immediately called one of the porteros who works here and sent him into the streets to have it fixed. I pulled out 40,000 pesos, about $20.00 to give him and he told me that was way too much. He took 20,000 instead. 45 minutes later, my backpack was back, fixed on both sides and I got 5000 pesos back. Miguel was very sorry but there was no receipt...he stopped the man pushing his cart in the street and the guy fixed it. He gave him 3000 pesos for a tip. So, cost to fix my three year old Samsonite case was $6.00 plus tip. NEVER in the USA could that be done at that cost, that quickly. Sweet!!

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