Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ella se fue.....

This fresh water lobster is being held by Marta, Pedro Luis' wife and this lobster and many others his size were caught in the fresh water canals near Pedro Luis' finca where they weekend and ride horses. During an earlier visit, I believe I posted photos of their finca and shared my riding on the back of Pedro Luis' four runner which was an experience. Notice the flowers in the background...very tropical and their finca is in Turbaco outside of Cartagena about a 30 minute drive.

Like this bird, I have taken off and am now home. Pedro Luis Mogollon, Executive Director of El Universal in Cartagena took this photo to usher out the old year. "Ella se fue," means she left, as did I.
I am now reading a book in Spanish called El Trapecista, by Fernando Araujo, who was sequestered by the Farc for six years. As I started this book, a gift from Gerardo, Fernando's brother, I noticed that the cover photo was taken by Pedro Luis, my friend. I wrote via email today to tell him how much I enjoyed the cover photo, which tells a story of the joy of being free and that I didn't know he was a photographer. So Pedro Luis sent me these photos, and a couple more, which he said I could share with you all. Clearly, a skill set I do not have in common with Pedro Luis!!
And then yesterday, on the way to the newspaper, Adenys, the driver and I, passed a very emaciated man with no shirt on and pants hanging down low enough that we could see his pubic hair. Never saw that again but clearly a very poor street person, no shoes, hair all in a mess etc. On the way to the airport, in a totally different part of town, close to the airport, we saw another man in exactly the same disarray...not the same man, this guy was shorter but lacked a shirt and underwear and we could about see IT all. Adenys is very religious and the Catholic Church radio station is on all the time when he drives. We held hands (he was driving) and we began the Lord's Prayer together. Twice in one day and in none of the visits I have made have I seen this.
At the airport, one of the security women noticed me in line and said welcome back and when would I be returning. Not too many completely grey haired gringas, travelling alone, go through that airport, apparently! What I love so much there is that people remember others and don't hesitate to go out of their way for you...and I try to do the same in return. Makes me a better nicer person....stop saying that! I know you are laughing and saying, "What, Teresa, nicer?"
I am home and liking it. Washing clothes. Cleaning. Catching up on snail mail. Finishing my Rwanda presentations and shortly, off to Big Lots with Richard.

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