Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 7, 2010

Not much to is changing for us all. Alex is not living at home anymore and we are terribly worried about him and his future. But time for the man to become the man I know he can be.

Leaving tomorrow for Rwanda and very concerned about how that will go. Looking forward to seeing my friend, Eddie who is the PAO at the US Embassy in Kigali, and about whom I have written in the past. Eddie is graciously letting me stay at her place even though she is off very shortly after my arrival to see her friend and partner, Brigitte who was also in Tegucigalpa with Eddie. Wishing I could also see Brigitte but she has found a job after not working for got to wish her/them well.

Oh, we have moved ahead with the planning for the house expansion in Michigan. Waiting for the final estimates to sign the contract. We think this will start in June and we are planning to be up north for as much of the summer as we can.

Much to do today to finish getting ready. Check here for Rwandan photos soon!! Love and miss you all terribly.

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