Thursday, March 11, 2010

Training...Kigali style

No photos today but really really wanted to take some. The room we trained in was sub-par and there were meetings above us so it sounded like people might just drop through the roof...they didn't but I worried.

The participants were mostly engaged but many just up and left, coming back several hours later and wanting to know what we covered. Told them we had moved on and hoping they can stay with us tomorrow.

I saw a pygmy today, a member of the Twa tribe and my friends, Eddie and Diana both indicated they had never seen one. Guy was nicely dressed and about 4 feet tall. I know he was that because I asked my driver, who looked at me like I was nuts...of course he is a pygmy!!

Today's eating experience was a mashed plaintain dish made out of salty plantains, not the sweet ones you find in Colombia or Honduras. Rest of the lunch we had at this conference center was not memorable although I piled hot peppers on my meat which caused a couple of the men to watch to see if I would keel for them, I guess. Rather mild, in fact.

Planning for another full day tomorrow. Some of the material is above the heads of some and about right for others. Interestingly, we locked up our filthy meeting room which was full of empty water bottles, nuts and napkins and several people left their computers in the room. Supposedly, the room will be cleaned before morning and I have heard how safe and honest folks are...we left our projector there also. People are confident and feel safe.

Oh, if one is caught drunk driving, one goes immediately to jail for three days and then you pay a fine. No seat immediate $50 fine and they take the car til the debt is paid. Here, laws are obeyed. Mototaxis wear helmets and vests and are licensed...not so in Cartagena.

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