Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Odds and ends...

One of my participant's has the name Jean Marie Vianney which is the name of the Catholic School Alex went to up north...St. John Vianney. Wonderfully lovely name and the man is also!

This is just a photo of our training the other day. Stephen was presenting Rwanda News Agency's goals, objectives and tactics.

The night before last when I worked late at the office, I heard water running for the longest time. Went in search to see if we had a leak or something...nope, employees taking their showers at work. Makes sense...water is costly here and people have to walk a long ways to get it and then carry it home. Just cannot imagine taking a shower at work while my colleagues are around...unless, of course, it is during hurricane season.

I have been up for awhile and we have something going on around the house that I am unsure of. Sounds like a sprinkler system is one, but there is NO water spraying anywhere so not sure what to do about this or if I should try to call someone from the Embassy because this IS Eddie's house. Diana slept over last night in Eddie's room, so when she gets up, I am hoping she knows what is going on, where and why.

Diana and I went out to dinner at a local hotel last night. Dinner was tasty...I had a lamb and spinach dish which is supposedly Sengalese but tasted rather Moroccan but maybe they are the same type of food. Guess I will need to go check Senegal out! Lois wrote about a female Dr. who lives in Flint but is from Cameroon and the article talks about the difficulties families there have with polygamy and issues that causes for women, children and families, especially in terms of their mental health. Polygamy is against the law here but practiced widely.

Today, we are meeting with owners/partners of the media companies I will continue to work with...those who had the highest marks on their assignments over the three seminars put on my IREX. Then, of the seven I will work with, IREX will ultimately choose five to fund over the next few months as they begin implementing their plans. An interesting process and I am happy I got to be part of it.

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