Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Coming home today and very excited to see my men folks, my neighbors and sleep in my own bed. Worked all last evening and didn't take a final walk so missed my doggy on the beach, but I have noticed he has made a couple of new friends, so think he will be fine til I return. Gloria and I ate at a gorgeous restaurant yesterday...we were the only people there for lunch. We ordered, "una sinfonia" for dessert. How lovely, a symphony for dessert!

It was served in a small long dish and three types of fruit: papaya, corozo and coconut. The papaya, also called caballito was chopped finely, very orange and very sweet; the corozo I had had a few days before as a juice. This fruit is small like blueberries but very very hard. Fortunately, the waiter told me just as I popped a small spoonfull in my mouth that this was only for flavor and I had to suck it and spit the seeds out. Not a pretty way to do this at all...very lovely fruit, very ugly spooning it back out and no paper napkin either!! The coco was tasty and very similar to their coco tarts...yummy, all around.

Said goodbye to the staff at Las Americas and made the rounds to speak to those taking English classes. I expect when I come back in April they will have improved considerably. Not so sure my Spanish will improve as much as their English.

Working....more later.

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