Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shopping Rwanda style.....

This craft shop went on for about 30 shops...dark, very small each one, and hotter than hell! Several men were doing what the guy in the white shirt was doing...relaxing, sleeping and waiting for a customer. Shopping is a bargaining experience like in many countries. I bought a few Christmas gifts which I am sure the girls will enjoy tremendously...and just for the record, I have passed along the "grandma" duties to Eddie. I suggested that every good grandma buys musical instruments for the she bought a small drum to take home to Germany for her grandaughter.

These guys were playing Mankala, an African game which I could not understand, although they tried to explain. Finally, one man asked if I couldn't speak some French?? Sad to say, in a country where most speak three languages and we Americans can only speak one or two?? Hmmmm??

More later.

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