Sunday, March 28, 2010

Reading, Exploring and more...

This would be me holding up my leftover shrimp pasta in the "take away" container given to me at The New Cactus restaurant last night. We thought it a hoot. A huge hunk of aluminum foil but not foil like we have. This stuff stuck didn't just close like ours does. For an old lady, not looking too bad...whadyathink??

On our travels on the way towards Lake Kivu we saw traffic signs just not seen closer in to Kigali. We saw one that said "Rappel" which we thought fun because we WERE in the mountains but it just meant that there were crazy hairpin turns ahead.
Diana persisted in driving like a crazy woman and at one point, Toni took Diana's camera because we were in heavy traffic and she was shooting a video of the street chaos while driving! I saw this colorful woman from afar...took her as she walked by but the front of her dress was much prettier. Note the landscaping nearby...this is not unusual. Gorgeous plants everywhere and in the mountains yesterday, we could smell eucalyptus in the air everywhere.

Again, these women were very suspicious as I tried to aim at the shops but I wanted photos of the colorful dresses many African women wear. When I go back to Kenya, I am going to get a wonderful outfit made for me. Typical street scene....note the paper bag. NO plastic here at all.

Oh, Toni and I checked out sanitary pads at Nakumatt...very small packages and hugely expensive which is why the woman is creating the women 's co-op to make them. I was told that the women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo...a few short hours from here are the workers. Men rest, drink and beat their women and the women are nothing better than pack mules, carrying water, wood and heavy construction materials. One of my drivrs told me this...I want to go see what the DRC is.

I took this photo outside of a construction site and what looked like an impromptu market on Sunday. I just put the camera out the car window and as you can see, folks were looking at us very strangely.

I brought four books with me that I will leave for Eddie's next guests and one I brought from home, worth mentioning was, "The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio" by Terry Ryan, and yes, I know this should be underlined, not in quotes! Another book I read, of Eddie's is called "Expat" a book about foreigners living abroad and their experiences trying to fit in and fit their experiences into who and what they were becoming. I could relate to many of those essays.

This bundle of wood secured high in the trees was rather interesting to us. Interesting because with thousands walking by and with no heat, one would think someone would take it...but not. And then, is this for shelter in the mountains if it gets horrid out?

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