Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wandering and Pondering

On the way to Radio Izuba, I saw many a family activity that one just won't see in the U.S. And I spent time talking with my driver about how amazing some of these sightings are because, though normal to Rwandans, just isn't done. This man, and I saw many others, was walking his goats on a leash of rope. At times, you would see folks holding the goat while it grazed but just as often, like this guy, they were walking down the road with goats. No one has dogs driver said it is just one more mouth to feed. When I mentioned we walk our dogs...he laughed. Now, this photo caused a bit of a ruckus...this guy is walking into a military installation and I shot the photo not knowing what this place was...and of course, it is illegal to take photos here. Driver floored vehicle...Teresa yelped!

Also, it is quite normal to see unattended kids, 2, 3, 4, 5 sitting in the road, beside the road, playing soccer and oblivious to the world, the vehicles etc. They tie the goats up but the kids run free and unattended.

Not uncommon to see young men holding hands walking down the street....I was told, "they aren't gay." I didn't think they were but men are comfortable showing affection here. Like that.

Also, yesterday was market day and consequently, one saw whole families walking together. Think about the last time you saw munchkins, teen agers, the mom and dad walking somewhere together. We walk and often together, but the whole family unit? Saw this again last night...families on the move, together.

My driver was very accomodating and stopped at the local market so I could experience that.

I met this young man there and he jerked away when I took his photo because I wouldn't pay him. He and many others had live animals for sale. One guy had a goat on a bike; another chickens, another a huge grey rabbit squirming and held by a rope around its neck.

In the first photo, check out the young girl's purple fancy dress. Saturday is market day in this community but also family wedding day. She had somewhere special to go. And the brightly colored women's dresses are fun...check out the mother with baby strapped to her back. I want to get a lesson in how that is done to guarantee the kid doesn't fall.
Do new mom's make mistakes??
And notice the shortly cropped hair on everyone. Cleanliness is a huge issue. Very few have running water in their homes and keeping full hair clean and without lice and other vermin is difficult. Hence, shaved heads for boys, girls and even men and women.

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