Friday, July 31, 2009

Saying good-bye

I have had a delightful time here in Uganda. Liking the atmosphere, the people, the generosity of the people. An example...I wanted a shirt from New Vision. I have spent a lot of time there and would like a momento. So, the Ad Director told me I could buy one. I said, "OK but you have had me working my butt off for two weeks for free. You could afford a shirt. The HR manager was there and she told him he was "cheap." He sent me to the storeroom which I thought was around the corner...nope, a mile away. Now I like a good walk and I was accompanied by someone who knew where we were going but I wasn't in my walking shoes.

We get to the "stores" and we couldn't get in. It is locked and we had to wait. Someone came and then we began looking for shirts. I wanted a "big one" and the man just died laughing...said, "you aren't THAT big." Now, here, meaty women are highly prized!! One would have to see the woman highlighted today in Red Pepper to get the full meaning of that statement.

We finally found a xxl which I wanted but the stores ( no mistake...called stores)manager was not happy because the shirt was for a man...grey in color and he didn't like the quality for a "muzunga". (white person) I told him since I wasn't paying for it...I was quite happy with it. Then commenced a serious argument because, of course, everyone pays for a shirt. My guy, Sam, allowed as how the Ad Director would send over a chit for the shirt...cost $3.50! I needed a translation because they argued in Luganda.

Took us as long to exit the building as it did to get in...locked. Kind of hard to do business but maybe they have had thefts??

Leaving shortly for the airport. Talk to you from the other side of the world soon.


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