Thursday, July 30, 2009

Observations upon leaving Uganda

This group was really good...the women and the men danced to well and again, like the guy near the Nile...the hip action and butt movements were something to behold.

Did I mention that the area outside of my hotel is a streetwalkers' paradise? I have enjoyed watching the parade each night as I eat my dinner. Quite the get ups and what is fascinating is when some white tourist has two of these ladies on his arms.

And then, I am having serious issues breathing and though I think it is from the heavy dirt in the air, the lack of emission standards and then, tonight, as always the staff come in to spray my room so there are no bugs or mosquitos. Appreciate that but wish they could spray during the day while I am working. I wait ten minutes or so to reenter but issues. Those issues are only surpassed by my incredibly violent and projectile poo. I have a bad case and you haven't lived til you are at work, using a toilet with no seat, squatting and it just goes everywhere. quickly repairs what one can, no paper towels and you leave quickly so no one knows YOU did it!!

Went to the Ndere theatre last night...their brochure didn't say it was outside, so after an hour, I left. Very good Ugandan singing and dancing.

Today was busy, starting at 7 a.m. at the Monitor and then on to New Vision...back to the hotel by 6. Tomorrow, I leave for home and I also start at 7. Packing right now and thank God I brought a suitcase of clothing for the orphans. I am filling that right up. Bought Christmas gifts and whatnots for kids and grandkids. Couldn't find a logo beer glass for Richard in either Kenya or Uganda...they are missing a sales opportunity.

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