Thursday, July 30, 2009


The top photo is of the sales managers at New Vision...we practiced sales. They sell "adverts," cost and space and we talked about audience, and results and matching the customers' target audience with content that folks will read to plan their ad placement.
Second photo is a designer group at New Vision...I am tearing apart all of their promo ads, paid ads and layout. They make stuff that no one except a newspaper or media person would understand. Filled with jargon and not direct. Not to mention, the ads are "butt ugly" and cannot possibly create results for the advertiser. We had a good time and they took the critique in a very positive way.
Now the dress, I love but when I looked at the photos, I look like a polyester whale. Not so sure I will wear it again.
Kinda packed but it isn't all going to surprise there. Bringing back a bunch of papers for ICFJ so they can see what Rachel has been up to. Nothing from Chris to carry back.

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