Thursday, July 16, 2009


Yesterday, I left the Nation Media Group building to encounter a sit in protest of young, and I mean young kids who were protesting police brutality. Much shouting and screaming in Kiswahili so I asked for a translation. there was a photographer from the paper there and for the first time, guards with serious machine guns standing guard outside. My camera died, so I asked Rachel to come down with hers so I could take a photo. I shot this and the kids all stood up and started screaming at me and coming towards me. The closest guard suggested I leave NOW. I did.
A man followed me and told me that these kids are being beaten and prostituted and they want protection. So, why if they are having their photos taken by the paper would they mind my snapshot?? Because they don't know what I would do with the I might turn it over to the cops?? Very interesting and these kids were young, filthy and so scrawny. Went to bed last night worrying about them.

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