Sunday, July 26, 2009

The tombs

We went to the Kabaka tombs...where the Buganda Kings are enshrined. We had to enter with our shoes off and because we were wearing pants, we had to wrap a length of fabric around ourselves to make a skirt...which a respectful woman would do. There are women who sleep here, guarding the spirits of these Kings because they may come back. Now, it was unstated, but of course, if one did come back, he would want a woman!! The building was gorgeous inside with barkcloth pillars, 52 of them representing the 52 tribes here in Uganda and the ceiling had 52 circles included. Photos coming. Very cool. And right now, the Kabaka, the King of Buganda and the current Ugandan government are having a bit of a conflict. There is a president, Museveni here and there appears to be a clash over land and who really owns it. Buganda and the Baganda, the peoples are strong and strident.

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