Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Like always, enjoying new foods. Have been eating arrowroot, some sort of a meaty, pithy potato type root food. And tonight, I had a spiced pumpkin ragout...very yummy. Having issues with online connections so not having much chance to share what is going on.

Had an interesting meeting all day with distributors for the circulation department. At one point, the facilitator, who was speaking in English, switched to Kiswahili (I spelled this wrong before) to describe the word "partnership." This word wasn't translating so he began asking for the concept in all 8 tribal languages and posted them on a board. Very fun. And often jokes just aren't the same apparently in English, so some guy will just switch to Kukuyo or something else to make his point.

I needed money badly this morning and here on the equator, it is pitch black at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. I wanted money at 6 a.m. which the guard out front said I could not do alone. So, he went with me down the street to the closest ATM which wouldn't work with my card. Not to worry...we marched down a block to a bank and I got my money. Service is well understood here.

And I might mention that though English is the first language here...not all English is created equal. It is very difficult to understand people who are speaking the national language as their third or fourth language with all of those accents added in. I have six minutes left on my time...gotta run. More another day.


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