Sunday, July 26, 2009


This guy is called, "Death" and I thought it appropriate. Notice he has a man in his hands and is squeezing him to death. Though there are Muslims, Catholics, Jehovah Witness', Episcopalians, Mormans and Anglicans here, there is also a huge number of those who practice and belive in witchcraft. Daily headlines indicate that another child has been either beheaded or killed sacrificially. First, the child is kidnapped and then killed. Death comes in many ways and in many forms here.
Today, there was an article about the "bride price" families pay for the woman marrying into a family. Because a price is paid, often the woman is little more than a slave. And then, she has to worry if beaten or treated poorly that she cannot leave because her family might have to pay the bride price back and that could mean many goats, a cow and more.

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