Friday, July 10, 2009

Little observations....

I needed $200 US for my trip into a nature preserve and to the orphanage tomorrow for the driver. One cannot easily access US dollars here and so, I went to Barclays, a large bank that Rachel belongs to. Took me two trips and 40 minutes of waiting to find I could not get dollars, but was able to get kshillings which I hope the driver will accept tomorrow. Getting money took awhile because I went to the bank, not realizing I had to have my passport to conduct a bank transaction. The newspaper holds my passport til the end of each day. So, back I went to retrieve it and then return to the bank. A huge issue...I couldn't use my debit card so had to charge the cash advance but I was asked what my credit card limit is. Who knows that?? This took two managers to look at me and decide I must not be a fraud and that I could get money EVEN if I didn't know my limits!!

Dinner tonight was African night...we had crocodile, sailfish and rabbit. Very interesting assortment of foods on the buffet but, again, the best was a different eggplant salad. Loving these. Had two helpings, one bite of rabbit and sailfish did it but the crocodile was delicious...yup, kinda like chicken.

I heard in depth today that the Aga Khan IV is controlling content and headlines for the Nation Media Group. Would love to meet him...he lives in Paris, apparently but has very firm ideas of what constitutes media and he apparently is NOT concerned about increasing sales...well he wants them increased but doesn't see/care to see the connection between the front pages, content and sales.

As I circumvented the security today, and discussed the fact that folks know me now and have eased up, Rachel mentioned that the easing up is a hold over from Colonial British days. I am in the minority but folks still recognize white folks as the boss. Made me feel kind of little. But, I am sure she is right.

While going back and forth to the bank, I saw some street performers who were doing a satire of Colonial police situations...they were speaking in Kikuyo, so not sure of what they were saying but hundreds were watching the policement with large padded rear ends. Here is a photo.

And then, here is a look see at the street from my Hilton Hotel room.

Well, for some reason photos aren't going where I want them to. But see the congestion...morning traffic jams everywhere. I am going on a sales tour Tuesday at 6 a.m. to see street sales happening. Like in Cartagena, I expect to see purchases happening. But that will be a training opportunity.

More tomorrow.

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