Sunday, July 26, 2009

The National Museum

The write up in the tour book indicated the museum wasn't that interesting. Actually, Eddie and I enjoyed it. There was a woman playing native instruments and much about the history, Speke, about whom I knew nothing except our hotel is named after him. and then, a lot about finding which indicate we all came from Africa at some point.

Speke was an explorer and in 1862 was looking for the mouth of the Nile and he felt he found it. His findings were contested by Stanley who asked Queen Victoria to send missionaries to tame the natives. She did. Besides the incredible musical instruments, we saw weapons, and pottery and idols and the resemblance in every area to Latin archeological findings are soooo close. I guess if you needed a tool to chop things, or if you needed to pulverize something, there are just so many ways you can do it.

By the way, beer in the Lake regions are made of bananas while other areas create their beer out of grain or honey. Just a side note!!

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