Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today was quite interesting for lots of reasons. Went to lunch with an intern from advertising and we went to the company canteen about five blocks away from the advertising office which is two blocks from circulation. Reminds me of Flint. Anyway, we got there and lunch cost $1.25 per person and we ate, posho, a maize flour type polenta textured dish; pili pili which is a salsa with hot peppers that one puts on chapatis, which are somewhat like tortillas. And then, we had pumpkin and matoke which is a green banana dish mixed with who knows what. And I ate a chicken drumstick...very yummy but very, very unique.

As Mildred, yes, the name of the young intern and I ate, my green plastic chair collapsed, so down I went on to the floor. Three young men came to heft me up and much laughing and enjoyment was had by all. The chair was put against a wall and no less than 30 people tried to use it and with much guffawing...the guys told everyone about this muzunga (white person) who fell using it. Quite amusing to see them stare at me.
Here is the photo of the "crested sawa" or so we think it is called. One man said these are flamingos and those, they are not!! Notice the bulgy sack hanging down from the guy on the right and these birds, blue in color, are about 3-4 feet tall and up in the air. Sound like a 747 when cruising over your head.

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