Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tess, work and more work!!

At the distributor meeting, I forgot to mention that many of the guys had trouble saying "Teresa." One man asked if I had any nicknames and I thought of Teresita and Maite and then remembered that my brother-in-law, Ed, has called me Tess since I met him. Now, that is not my favorite name because it reminds me of Tess, who was a cow character in a kid's book eons ago. Anyway, I offered Tess up as an option and the guys love here, I am Tess!

Beginning to feel like I may make an impact here though the going is slow. I am finding more and more similarities in terms of culture, operations, and organizational culture between Cartagena and Nation Media Group. I am hosting a web session Monday with all of the newsroom managers to check out websites around the world that have targeted their content to meet the needs of their audiences, users, readers. A first so should be very interesting indeed.

Tonight for dinner I ate gazelle which has a nice texture and which tastes mild. Bothered me thinking of the little guy gracefully wandering across the fields before I ate him. The ostrich bothered me not.

I am going to visit Kibera, the largest slum in Africa, on Saturday and then go to the John Halgrim orphanage...hoping also to get out to a national preserve near here to see some animals. Any would be nice but the cost of a few hours with driver and car is $200. Steep but who knows if I will get back here.

Rachel and I have plans to do some shopping Sunday and she is hosting a dinner for a group of her female friends at her house. Will be nice to get out this weekend. The days have been long and full.

And did I mention it is winter here? Slept with extra blankies and my socks on. Has to be about 60 degrees Farenheit at night and I have only sandals and short sleeved clothing. Gets up to about 70 during the day but still chilly compared to the 95 I left in Florida. Apparently, this is the coldest winter anyone can recall. Think YOU think cold??

Talk again soon.

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