Monday, July 27, 2009

The Nile

This is the sign that greeted us near the rapids. Everyone there was any idiot would go any closer to these smashing waves. Eddie and I thought white water rafting would be fun...but in a place where there is monitoring of such adventures so that we were fairly certain we wouldn't die. One kayak I saw had holes in it and was cracked and a man hefted it out of the water! He later was seen using something I can only assume to be super glue to fix the cracks.

While at the Nile, there was a musical group and two dancers playing and dancing typical Ugandan music and dance. The guy in the pink was terrifically talented and any woman would love her body parts to move as smoothly and with such precision as he made his. The hip movements were spectacular and he knew he was good! Of course, one man passed the hat but a 5000 shilling note, or $2.50 brought a huge smile to the second dancer who was a bit older and less talented. Notice the girl in the navy skirt...she was shaking rocks in a metal oblong container and the sound was a bit like a waterfall rushing over rocks. Very cool.

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