Tuesday, July 28, 2009


For my media friends, here are a few headlines that have been in the papers, either front page or section headlines these last few days. I kid you not and written just as they are here...with same punctuation. And do not think that these come from yellow publications...the only one that does is the underwear one...coming from Red Pepper. The others are all from the two biggest papers here in Uganda.

Taylor not a Cannibal

EU to aid Hague arrest big names in Waki list

Wake up and smell the Kofi

Mistresses are Not Lazy

Putting on Tight underwear is likely to Deform your Manhood

Nail Them

30 Things to do with a naked guy

Presidents turn into Journalists

6 year old Sacrificed

What if Somalia's Rebels Win??

This is a different culture with different issues. Famine, poverty, murder, rape of children, beheadings; witchcraft and more are stories of the day. Certainly access to water, food, power, and politics take precedence but the scope of issues and problems here are so much more complex than we experience in the U.S., thankfully!!

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