Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The white hole....below

Look closely on the white structure and you will see a little friend. He was on the move so I shot the picture forgetting to zoom in. Saw another guy on the ground peeling some fruit and looking at us as we entered the hotel.

Here is a home which was supposed to have gone in the blank spot/hole you will find as you read down and or backwards over time. This is very typical of the type of home one sees outside the city limits. Very rustic. No running water and no latrine.

They have just passed a law that everyone with any ground must plant cassava, a root plant, to ward off famine. No water to water the plants...but plant, anyway.

And then, note the dirt in front of the home. This red dirt here permeates everything. Think clothing wet on the lines to dry and dusty swirling dirt. Almost impossible to get anything clean. And then, with no running water, personal hygiene is difficult. Everyone dresses very professionally but the personal cleanliness is difficult at best.

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