Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hotel Issues 7/21/09

So, woke up as usual very early to find that my ceiling in my bathroom had collapsed. Notified folks about that and when I got back this afternoon, the powers that be decided I should move to another room while they fix my bathroom ceiling. Find. However, the room is half the size and faces on to a main thoroughfare. Did I tell you that like Honduras, taxis communicate by honking their horns?? So, this room is puny and noisy...but, I am told, the room will be fixed so I can move back into my original room in one to two days. So, I have two room keys, half my stuff is in one room and the other half in the other. Quite amusing except it IS my life that is being disrupted.
And this is an older photo...yup, I am older! But this was taken in Kenya when I was conducting an ad design and layout workshop. Very frustrating, but photos are taking three lifetimes to load on to blogger. More coming...some day. Love you all.

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