Sunday, August 2, 2009

Home, at last!

The trip home was exhausting and boring. At one point, I just sat in the plane and airport doing nothing. Just people watching. Realized I couldn't even manage my usual sudoku puzzles. Brain wouldn't work. Saw two movies on the plane....more than I have seen in a couple of years. Saw "Seventeen Again" and "Young Victoria."

I may have mentioned a couple of years ago (yes, years) about a pair of orange leopard flip flops my friend, Mary gave me when I went off to Colombia for six months. Well, those flip flops have been packed for every trip since and they long ago lost their spots and have become very thin and worn. I smile as I pack them and I talk to them when I put them on...and no, not losing my mind yet! I just tell them that Mary would be enjoying where we are going and what we will see and do.

When I got moving this morning, I saw that I had mail on the desk up by the bed. And there was a box from Nordstrom's. Now, I don't shop there very often and we don't have one here in Ft. Myers. Opened it and there was a beautifully wrapped box...inside, from Mary are a gorgeous new pair of black elegant flip flops. Was first excited and then sad...means I shall have to retire my orangy flattened, world travelled pair that have accompanied me to three different continents and at least six countries. New ones feel new and they have been told that we will be seeing the world together. Kinda hard to tell but I think they are receptive. We shall see!!

I noticed, sitting in the Amsterdam airport, that I had seen no adults in shorts since I arrived in Africa nor did I notice a woman without a bra. Funny what you miss until you see it everywhere. Everyone wore long skirts, dresses or slacks. Am sure it has to do with malaria and cholera and wanting to keep covered. I found that Africa is very religious...oh, people go to church Sunday mornings and they stay for hours and hours...five or six hours on average. The Catholic Church near my hotel in Kampala had mass for no less than three hours straight! Then they follow church with social time.

Tried several times to work on my expenses and my report due this next week but again, cannot get my arms wrapped around much more than slowly unpacking. Have a board meeting and a doctor's appointment today. Got to something for the raging trots and also figure out why I cannot breathe. A lady on the Entebbe/Amsterday route asked if I had been a heavy smoker!! Sound horrid and Michelle called while I was in Atlanta and couldn't even finish a conversation, I was hacking so badly.

Went to bed last night around 11 p.m. and at 12:30 a.m. our alarm system went off. I say our alarm system, but we haven't had one connected. Richard took out the battery after talking with a friend and nothing happened. Screeching was going on til 1:00 a.m. when we called a neighbor who came over, couldn't get it to shut off so he cut the wires!! Silence IS golden. Figured I was so hyped up I wouldn't sleep but I did. Up early, as usual but now, just up from a three hour nap. Hope I can rest tonight.

Hugs and thanks for following my life on the blog!

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