Sunday, August 30, 2009


The church where I went to mass this morning. I thoroughly enjoyed saying "paz" or peace and shaking hands. Various people made an effort to leave their aisle to come over and shake my hand and even give me a kiss...cheek to cheek. I felt very, very welcome and there was not one other person in this huge church who looked like this gringa!!

This is a typical street in the historic center. This was around 9:30 a.m. and no one was out and about selling. Generally sales people are lined up selling purses, clothing, shirts and trinkets of all sorts as you pass.

Well, yesterday was horrid. After my half day of Saturday work at the paper, it began pouring. Within 20 minutes, roadways were flooded and it continued til late in the day. Held prisoner in a hotel without balconies and without an open air, roofed restaurant. Nothing worse than having to stay in all day. Anyway, today was spectacular...walked the beach at 7 a.m., came in and had breakfast and then after cleaning up, walked to the old historic area, went to mass where I had a "moment" and then, eventually, I came back to the hotel.

My "moment" occured during mass....I went in to the Basilica and, of course, the church is hundreds of years old and gorgeous. While I could understand the words and the mass, I didn't have the responses to say in Spanish so was a bit lost. At one point, I swear, the Virgin Mary floated down and gave me a hug. Those who know me well, know I am not that terribly spiritual but I just had a moment when I truly was surrounded by the grace of God. I cried. Crying writing this...the warmth and the feeling of home was so pronounced.

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