Friday, August 7, 2009

Michigan Bound

Am sitting in the airport waiting to leave for Michigan to take Kenz, and hopefully, Logan on our annual grandma trip. Given that Logan is not being particularly family friendly, I am unsure if he will be joining us. Hoping so but betting not. I have, however, decided that his presence will not make or break this trip. I will have a great time with my chattering grandaughter who is so full of life and love. We shall see and do things neither of us have done/seen but the trip has been altered due to the uncertainty of whether we shall be three or just two. I didn't want to buy expensive tickets and get stuck...and so glad I listened to my inner self on this one.

Should also hear today or tomorrow at the latest as to the sex of our newest grandchild who will be joining the family around Christmas this year. This will be Kristin and Pat's third, and I hear tell...last!

So, leaving my doggies and men folk to go visit the girls and their families. We need to be closer. I am trying to make that happen. Richard is dragging his feet.


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