Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nothing much to share....

I have been home a few days from Michigan where I had a few last warm days with the girls and their families and my friend, Lois. Had a ball and even had time for dinner with friends on Sand Point. Since getting home, I have been trying to slowly clean things up and eliminate piles from around the house. Thinking we would like to put this house up for sale when season rolls around and to that end, am having a realtor come over Monday to share how we can best get the house put right for selling.

And also trying to get ready for my trip back to Cartagena. Had my first dream in Spanish last night...I generally switch when I am getting ready to go and while I am there. Very disconcerting the first time but made me wake up and smile. The good news is...we are getting low on Colombian coffee so clearly time to visit.

Paco has a serious issue...appears he somehow got into some caustic substance and his eye is in horrid shape. He is taking meds and eyedrops but he just sits and cries. Hoping he will mend soon...he goes back to the vet on Tuesday. Chica is trying to console and love him with snuggles but he quietly gets up and moves away from her.

My good friends, Cortneigh and Matt have just had their first child...Sebastian arrived early, early this morning. This couple I lived with and I worked with Matt on our Honduras project. Cannot wait to see the photos.

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